Thursday, 30 July 2009


It's been ages since I wrote anything in the blog, mainly because it's been raining so much that not a lot has been happening in the garden. The rocket I planted did very well until the butterflies found it. Now almost every leaf has eggs on it, so as I want to encourage butterfly preservation, I am prepared to sacrifice my salad leaves. The caterpillars will need it more than I.

It's a brilliant year for butterflies. Almost as good as 1997, when I kept a list of all the species I saw. Coming from the middle of London, from a flat without a garden, I was entranced. Lots of Painted Ladies and Peacocks.

Mangey-Bum the fox still calls nightly for whatever grub we throw out. He's so shy that I haven't managed to get a photo, but, due to his condition, he isn't very photogenic. Hope the homoeopathic fox drops work.

The tits are emptying the bird feeders faster than I can fill them (unless it's the pigeons and squirrel when I'm not looking. Haven't seen any deer in the garden this year, despite all the windfall apples.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Pigeon shower

Couldn't work out what this wood pigeon was doing, sitting on the edge of the pond during a sudden heavy shower with its wings and tail at odd angles. Then I realised it was taking a shower itself, cooling down and getting rid of a few bird bugs!