Thursday, 19 August 2010

Spot the Sparrow Competition!

How many can you see in this photograph? I took it yesterday, when the whole flock were sitting on the hedge, having hoovered up all the crumbs off the lawn. No prize offered... sorry about that!

Heron on the roof

My partner glanced out of the window and saw this heron perched on the roof a couple of houses away. What a stately bird!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Four foxes

We've got used to seeing two slightly mangy young foxes in the garden (I'm treating them with the homeopathic fox drops) but last night we were visited by four. The first one came right up to Flad as he sat guarding the leftover fish and chips. Flad stood his ground, but the hungry fox was determined to get some dinner down him so in the end Flad plodded off and sat on the deck watching the action.

A third fox, with no mange and a beautiful coat - it also had an attractive face with black speckles on the white fur - hovered around but was less pushy than the original two and didn't get a lot of food. Then, to our surprise, a very small cub appeared but was too nervous to dash in and grab a chip. I'm wondering if they are all siblings, with the small club being the runt of the litter.

This is the smallest cub.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Magpie antics

When we put the fatball feeders out, we thought only the tits would be interested. To our surprise, we've had sparrows and robins on them, too. Then a big flock of starlings moved in and, after watching them, the magpies decided they fancied a nice peck of seed-studded suet, too.

They were getting through far too many fatballs and not giving the little birds a chance, so we moved the feeders to places where we thought the larger birds couldn't reach them. But, as you will see, this magpie decided it wasn't going to give up without a struggle. It sat on a twig and tried to work it out.

It figured that if it turned the twig into a trampoline, it might just bounce high enough to reach the suet. What happened? Well, after a view attempts, it fell off. I'm sure it will be back, though, for another go.