Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Collared Doves

This sweet pair were sitting on top of the bird feeder stand just as dusk was starting to fall. Now, they really do have beady eyes. They are like little shiny juniper berries. I still haven't got used to it getting dark at 3.30pm! Though a friend did cheer me up by telling me that in less than a month, the days would start getting longer again.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Ghostly bird

Looks as if the stickers to prevent birds flying into the patio doors have lost their effect. They didn't stop a collared dove flying smack into the glass and leaving this spooky impression.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Latest fox shots

Three of the vixen's four cubs have dispersed, but the runt is still hanging around Mum, though she often gets snarled at. No doubt the vixen will be expecting her next family soon. As fox family members often help babysit the cubs, I wonder if this role will fall to the runt? Or perhaps she will produce her own family and I shall have to buy more bags of budget dog biscuits!

Here are a couple of recent shots of the vixen.

Sparrowhawk attack

Having marvelled at a huge flock of wood pigeons, about 200 of them, swirling around in the sky, I threw out some bread and settled down to see which bird would be first on the scene. As usual, it was a magpie, but just as a pigeon swooped down from the roof to join it, a brown arrow hurtled after it. The pigeon narrowly missed being exploded into a hundred feathery pieces as the predator missed its strike and darted off between the trees. It was thrilling to watch. It was also quite a while before any birds appeared in the garden again!