Saturday, 1 September 2012

Vixen Vamp

The cubs have grown up and been kicked out. We've seen her threatening them, tail down, snarling and snapping, driving the adolescents off 'her' territory, our garden! Now she has ceased her mothering duties, her fur has grown back and her brush is looking quite resplendent, as if she has had it combed out and blow-dried.

Next week she will be a superstar as her portrait is appearing in our local paper as Picture of the Week!

Here is how she looked in February while she was feeding the cubs. Her coat looks rather mangy and her tail is like a piece of ragged string. Even though she needed the scraps we put out, she didn't have a go at Flad for trying to steal them. The two sit side by side in the garden and seem to be the best of friends. However, she does chase off Charlie, the stray cat, but perhaps that's because he's ginger and about her size, so she might mistake him for a rival fox!

Here is how she looks now. What a beauty! 

Apologies to those who have already seen this photo on Facebook... but who wouldn't want to look at her a second time?