Monday, 14 July 2014

Friendly cub

Now that 'our' vixen has departed, either driven off or dead, we thought we would never again encounter such a clever, tame fox, who learned that the best way of getting a meal was to come right up onto the decking, gaze through the patio doors and look cute.

I think this cub must be related to her - the offspring of one of her previous cubs, perhaps - because it is already exhibiting some of the old vixen's traits, such as ... well, coming up on the deck, gazing through the patio doors and looking cute!

Acrobatic pigeon

We deliberately hung the seed feeder away from any twigs the pigeons could use as perches, because they don't give the small birds a look-in. However, we have been outwitted by this particular pigeon, which spent several days studying the feeder from all angles, then worked out that the only way to get to the seed was to land on the top, swivel round to an upside-down position, hang on with its claws and flap like mad whilst gobbling as much seed as possible. What a genius! We have christened it Einstein.